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The hiring process

Arc7’s customised hiring process is built on each clients individual needs. We are able to offer Contingency, Retained Search and Freelance solutions for our clients.
We work hard to ensure our activities reach candidates actively seeking a new role however with the pharmaceutical market being notoriously candidate driven it is our pro-active approach to reach passive candidates that sets us apart from our competitors.

Whilst each client has different needs a typical hiring process would follow the following structure.


Contingency Recruitment
Contingency recruitment is the most common form of permanent recruitment. Each hiring manager will be allocated a specialist Consultant for their hiring process. By working on a contingency basis a fee is only due when we have successfully placed a candidate into your business. The hiring process usually takes 2-4 weeks and would consist of 2 rounds of interviews. We aim to present a shortlist of 3-5 candidate profiles that will have been briefed on your available role and will be matching the requirements and salary bracket given to us in the specification.

Retained Search
Our clients choose to work with us on a retained basis when a position is particularly urgent, senior or in a niche area. On these occasions Arc7 will require 25% of the invoice value before starting the search for candidates. The upfront fee ensures a dedicated Consultant works exclusively on the vacancy and this covers the extra research or marketing required. After a set period of time a shortlist will be presented and upon agreement of 3 candidates being interviewed a further 25% will be invoiced. The final 50% of the fee due will be invoiced upon the successful placement of a candidate.

Freelance Recruitment
The freelance candidates we work with are key to our clients looking for a flexible work force. Contracts can range from a short term 3 month assignments to long term rolling contracts. Our contractors are usually employed to manage particular projects however contractors can be used for maternity cover or whilst you hire a permanent candidate. Compliancy is key in this area, therefore, we have taken the relevant steps to ensure all dealing are dealt with in a compliant manner, for example local employment and tax laws are followed.