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How to write a job description


The pharmaceutical industry is notoriously candidate driven and with most employers using agencies as expert partners to assist in the recruitment of their staff an accurate job description is vital.

Whilst nothing is better than an in-depth discussion with a hiring manager it is unrealistic to think this can happen every time. Therefore recruiters need to fully understand your needs and requirements in order to successfully fill your vacancy. Potential employees reading the job description also need to feel enthused about the company. It is worth bearing in mind strong candidates actively seeking a new role may be looking at numerous briefs, make sure your one stands out!

Job Description Essentials:

  • Job title – Does this sell the role accurately
  • Company Summary, include culture, career progression future plans, what are your unique selling points, what makes yours a great place to work
  • Department - outline how your team fits within the organisation
  • Organisational Structure - who are the direct reports and any 'dotted line' reports
  • Specific key responsibilities - describe all duties
  • Qualifications required
  • Skills and experience required - remember to differentiate between what is essential and what's advantageous
  • Salary and benefits, commission structure, OTE etc

Written well, the job description will save you time ensuring you only see the most relevant CV’s for your job.