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How to conduct an interview


A structured interview process can make all the difference when hiring staff. Ensuring you make the most of each interview and gain the information you need to select the best possible candidate.

Each interview should start with an introduction of those attending their names and role within the business, interviews should be comfortable so you get the best answers from the potential employee. Use this introduction to also outline the interview process. Allow the candidate to make use of their time asking all the questions they may have if this is the only interview or being able to direct questions to the appropriate person.

Candidate questioning

Ask the candidate to talk you through their experience in detail. This is not meant to be a question and answer session, as you need more information ask open ended questions.

  • Tell me about the team you have been working in?
  • What did you enjoy / dislike in this role?
  • What was your greatest achievement in this position?
  • How where you managed in that position?
  • What were your reasons for leaving?

Competency based questions

  • (Team Work) - Tell me about a situation where you played an important role in a project as a member of the team (Independence) – How do you motivate yourself?
  • (Risk Taking) - What is the biggest risk that you have taken?
  • (Resilience) - Give me an example of a situation where you had to work under pressure.
  • (Tenacity) – What is the biggest challenge you have faced at work?
  • (Integrity) – Tell me about a time when you showed integrity
  • (Decisiveness) - How did you reach the decision to change job?
  • (Communication) – When have you been in a situation where communication has broken down and an error has been made?

Closing questions

  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • What could you bring to this role
  • Why should we employ you?

It is important to give the interviewee an opportunity to ask questions they may have, answer as openly as possible
At the end of the interview if you feel things have gone well confirm their salary expectations and availability, it is also a good opportunity to reconfirm the next stage in the process.