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CV Writing Tips


Writing a strong CV is vital in gaining an interview. Most employers will spend 10 seconds scanning a CV and in that time you must make an impact for them to read further.

These are our top 10 tips

1. Keep it brief
A CV should be no more than two pages – Keep it to the point, use bullet points rather than long text, you can go into more detail when you go the interview.

 2. Tailor made
Take time to ensure your CV is specific to the role you are applying for. Research the company and use the job advert to work out which skills you should emphasise.

 3. Profile
A personal profile is very important this is your opportunity to sell yourself and highlight your experience and skills in brief and allow the employer to see exactly why you are appropriate to this position.

 4. Explain in all

Do not leave gaps in your CV, if you have been travelling, studying on maternity/paternity leave explain these gaps in your career dates. If you have been unemployed for any lengths of time, did you do volunteer work or expand your skills undertaking further courses, put a positive spin on things.

6. Attention to detail
Employers will dismiss a CV with spelling and grammar mistakes. Use spell check and have someone proof your final version before you submit it anywhere.

 7. Tell the truth
It is not true that everyone lies on their CV, you must be honest. Employers will take up references it is not worth the risk. Honesty is the best policy

8. Facts
Back up your statements with facts, rather than stating you increased sales give the details for example increased sales by 80% in my first year

 9. Image
Take time to ensure your CV not only reads well but presents well. Use bullet points, bold titles, use spacing well. A neat and tidy CV gives a good impression

 10. Education

Do list all your qualifications, if you have more work experience than education add the education section behind your career summary. If you have recently graduated and have limited work experiences state your education first.