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Cost of living Ranking

The most expensive countries in Europe for expatriates to live in are: Switzerland, Monaco, United Kingdom, Norway and Liechtenstein.  

The most expensive cities in Europe for expatriates to live in: Zurich (Second most expensive in the world), Geneva, Monaco, London, Oslo

The cheapest country and city in Europe for expatriates to live in is Bucharest in Romania (764th most expensive in the world)

The below ranking shows the top 20 overall Cost of Living Rankings in Europe by city:

  • Switzerland, Zurich
  • Switzerland, Geneva
  • Monaco, Monaco
  • United Kingdom, London
  • Norway, Oslo
  • Liechtenstein, Vaduz
  • Denmark, Copenhagen
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Jersey, Saint Helier
  • France, Paris
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • Italy, Rome
  • Finland, Helsinki
  • United Kingdom, Manchester
  • United Kingdom, Bristol
  • Greenland, Nuuk
  • Russia, Vladivostok
  • United Kingdom, Glasgow
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Isle of Man, Douglas

The above information is provided by http://www.xpatulator.com/ for full rankings of European cities please visit http://www.xpatulator.com/cost-of-living-article/Cost-of-Living-Europe-October-2012_388.cfm